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About Dot Shoulder Pad Company

Dot Shoulder Pad Company is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying raglan shoulder pads. Our shoulder pads give the garment a very good shape at the shoulder as the latest machines used by us have a unique punching pattern and this gives them shape similar to human shoulder, We have fully automatic stitching machines which reduces the possibility of bad quality stitching. This ensures the unmatched quality of our raglan shoulder pads. They are available at markets leading price and we take bulk orders as per the requirement and specifications of the clients.

Corporate Viewpoint

Our Mission

Assure our customers of the most reliable source for the wide range of Shoulder Pad with the quality & price to meet specific performance goals.

Our Strategy

Continually reinvest in the business to improve facilities, tochnology, people & system to maintain lowest cost and consistent quality products in the market industry Moreover, earning foreign currencies by export

Our Service

We always ensure the smooth supply of each item throughout the year by proper management of time and material stock plan. We are always select the right principal from the world market for the right product to help customers to meet their desired needs. We do continuous promotional activity for each product to expand its market and market share. We do market research to ascertain the future customer needs and thereby selecting future products.

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Dot Shoulder Pad Company

207/3, Mirhajirbag, Jatrabari, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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